Stripe POS Pricing


Simple pricing, with no long term contracts involved.

Pay As You Go

1% Transaction Fee
No monthly subscription

With Pay As You Go, there are no monthly subscription fees. You simply pay a 1% transaction fee when you process card payments.  

This option is ideal for seasonal or intermittent merchants, since there are no subscription fees to pay if you don’t process any transactions.

Starter Subscription

$25 /month

Annual Contract Required

Standard Subscription

$49 /month

Annual Contract Required

Enterprise Subscription

$99 /month

Annual Contract Required

All the features in Standard

Pay As You Go

Pay as You Go is the easiest and fastest way to get started. Simply create an account, connect your Stripe account & card reader, and start accepting payments.

At any point, you can switch from Pay as You Go to subscription based pricing.

The 1% transaction fee is applied when processing card payments. No transaction fee is accessed on non card transactions such as cash, check, etc.

All Features included

Your account gives you access to all the features in Krossroads POS for Stripe

No long term contracts

The transaction fee is accessed only when card transactions are executed. There are no monthly or annual fixed fees.

Unlimited catalog size

You can add an unlimited number of Items to your catalog.

Unlimited terminals

You can setup multiple terminals on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS or Linux at no extra cost.

Enterprise Pricing

If your business has more than 3 locations or processes in excess of $100,000 in card transactions per month, please contact our sales team for pricing options.

Charitable Organizations

Please contact our sales team for preferential pricing. Government issued certification is required for consideration

Educational institutions

Preferential pricing is available for accredited educational institutions.

Religious Organizations

Preferential pricing is available for religious institutions that have the requisite registration with the IRS or similar government entity.